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Im National Chess Master Ernesto Alvarez and this website is the realization of a dream!

I was taught chess at an early age by my father . He really instilled in me a lot of love for the game. Chess became a part of my life consistently after that. I remember  loving to read about the great players and playing games  with anyone who would humor me. 

I played chess casually, but once I got to High School, everything changed. My school had a lot of chess players, most of them better than me.  We also had an extremely supportive chess teacher, Gary Holbrook, who loved chess and provided us  with equipment and a place to play. It was then that I started taking the game more seriously.

I remember the chess club being one of my favorite things about going to school. It was always a fun place to be .

When High School ended it was time for me to get a job. I needed to find a way to support myself. I worked as a server at IHOP  for a few months.

I worked at Publix supermarket as well, unloading trucks and stacking dairy boxes. Those jobs were not bad and I am thankful for them since they taught me a lot, but I just kept thinking about chess all day. It was then that I realized that I had to take my love for chess and find a way to make it my career!

 I felt that I could contribute much more to the world if I'm doing what I love.

This decision lead me to start teaching chess part time to see how it went. What first began with a few private students eventually turned into small group lessons and ultimately full teams at schools! I currently teach over 150+ students personally and our network of teachers far exceeds that number. The dream came true!


 Eric Rodriguez playing Grandmaster Michalevski, Miami 2008

Working hard at chess has given me so much! Friends, opportunities to travel, college scholarships! I just wanna share that with the next generation.

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 Hard at work in the last round of the 2013 Space Coast Open.

Hard at work in the last round of the 2013 Space Coast Open.

 Playing the last round at the Miami Open 2008

Playing the last round at the Miami Open 2008

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