We offer the following services: 


School Chess Clubs: 

We will create, promote a chess club at your school! For years we have been developing a curriculum and a methodology for teaching the game of kings. Let us bring chess to your students!

Group Lessons:

Forming a small group can be the easiest way for a group of kids to have access to high quality  instruction for a fraction of the cost. Group lessons are a great way to ease children into the game. Many of my private students began with me in small group lessons and eventually moved on as they got more dedicated to the game. We offer group lessons to schools, libraries, churches or anywhere else where chess is welcomed.



Private Lessons:

Private lessons are the absolute best way for a child to learn chess. One-on-one instruction allows the teacher to truly pinpoint the student's strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly. Most of my students showed a significant improvement after only a few private lessons, however, to truly become a strong player it takes time and hard work, both from the student and the teacher. It is more like a working relationship that will eventually produce the best results.

On-Line Lessons:

On-Line lessons are the same as private lessons except over Skype. On your screen you will see a chess board and your teacher as well! Perfect alternative for serious students that perhaps live too far from any acceptable coach.

Online Lessons (via Skype)

Online lessons can be purchased via PayPal. To set up an online lesson please contact us at mychessclass@gmail.com.


Below you can see some screenshots of how the online lessons will look. As you can see, the student will see the board and the teacher while they communicate via Skype. Its almost like you are there with us!

The beauty of a move lies not in its appearance but in the thought behind it. - Aaron Nimzowitsch